About Kerala

Kerala inspires! There is enchantment in every square kilometre of the land - not just in the backwaters, beaches or hill stations; but also in the lush paddy fields and spice plantations, in the quaint towns and streets, in the monsoons. For Kerala, these are living, breathing entities; an integral part of the land’s social and cultural milieu; its Muse. This is perhaps epitomized well by the Nila nadi (river Bharathapuzha) by whose banks have blossomed a thousand storylines and celluloid dreams. This is perhaps why Kerala could nurture many men and women who have made their mark globally in the field of art. 

A unique blend of cultures, Kerala offers a variety of looks and moods, predominantly through its diverse architectural styles - British, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and more - that are remainders of its age-old ties with other countries.  Architecture apart, nature has also contributed its share. Munnar, for instance, has the charm of Scotland; the beautiful waterways of Alappuzha beat the visual splendour of Venice; the waterfalls of Athirapally have the ferocity of the Niagara. A diversity that helps filmmakers translate their concept with complete authenticity.

'Unique' is a word that cannot be qualified. It does not mean rare or uncommon; it simply means being one of a kind in the universe. By the grace of God, Kerala is unique. What else can you call a land that has been endowed with natural beauty and cultural wealth beyond compare? And has inspired a thousand minds to see life in a new light? What else can be a more fitting location for myths, legends, fables and dramas to unfold?

Kerala’s natural beauty has bestowed the land with a rare visual culture, which in turn fostered a rich artistic heritage. Here you’ll experience art all around - not only in museums and galleries, but also in homes and streets, in the courtyards and walls. And this visual culture finds its utmost expression in the vibrant repertoire of art forms and festivals the land conscientiously safeguards - from Kathakali to Kalaripayattu, Panchavadyam to Pooram.  · Highly defined visual culture -  Immense cultural and artistic wealth - Wide repertoire of art forms and festivals.





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